EZBack-it-up 2.0

EZBack-it-up backups files using incremental backups for new files
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Rob Decker

It is essential for every person, conscious of protecting the data stored in his personal computer, to take a backup of the files at frequent intervals. It so happens that he needs to spend a sizable amount of time to take a backup of all the files stored in the PC. Irrespective of any changes in the files from the previous backup, backup is created for all the files, thus taking more time for the creation of the back-up files.

EZBack-it-up helps the people to overcome this problem and get backups for files created at a relatively quicker period of time. What the tool does is that it copies the data from the hard disc or any specified destination to another specified destination. The interesting aspect is that it uses the incremental style backup whereby only new files, for which no backup is there earlier, will be copied in the destination folder. As a result of this facility, as many as 3500 files can be read by the utility software in less than 3 seconds, thus drastically reducing the amount of time required for creating back-up files. Other salient features include a built-in scheduler and detailed logs about the data.

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